A lip tattoo is a procedure where colour pigments are inserted into the lips using tattooing needles, either for tattoo art or as a permanent makeup procedure known as cosmetic tattooing.

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Permanent makeup procedure for lip blushing

Lip blushing is a cosmetic tattooing that adds colour to the lips. The procedure is typically completed in about an hour, as it is considered relatively simple and quick. First, the permanent makeup artist outlines the lips for the right shape. Then, a colour is chosen, and the pigment is deposited outside the lips like a permanent lip liner. A numbing cream is applied to the lips for comfort. The artist then deposits pigment into the lips using a fine needle, depending on the desired darkness or lightness of the final result.

Lip blush tattoos long-lasting lip colour

Are you interested in finding the best permanent lip tattoo colours? Permanent lip tattoos can add a pop of colour to your lips without needing lipstick. There are various colours and shades to match your skin tone. In this article, we will explore the different types of lip tattoos and offer tips on selecting the right one for you. We will also discuss the healing process and what you can expect after getting your lip tattoo.

Lip tattoo Melbourne, specifically lip blushing, is gaining popularity as a semi-permanent option for adding colour to the lips. This technique uses a single colour to achieve a natural look, which is ideal for those seeking subtle lip enhancement.

Let's first discuss the role of lip tattoos before delving into the ideal colour for each skin tone.

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Lip enhancement

Permanent lip tattoos can provide a fuller and more defined look to the lips by adding contour and definition. Lip blush tattoos can also help to even out uneven lip shapes.

Long-lasting lip colour

A lip tattoo can last years, eliminating worrying about lipstick smudging or wearing off. The tattoo matches skin tone and gives a natural lip colour appearance. A lip tattoo does not prevent you from wearing your favourite lipstick, as you can still apply it.

The colour will fade

The colour of a lip tattoo Melbourne will fade over time, with the duration depending on factors such as skin type, age, and aftercare.

Different colours of lip tattoos

Multiple colour options are available for lip tattooing, with popular choices being red, pink, purple, and brown. Cosmetic tattoo artists can assist in selecting the appropriate shade based on individual skin tones.

Colours for permanent lip tattoos

When choosing a lip tattoo colour, consider your skin tone. Fair skin should opt for lighter shades like pink or nude. Medium skin tones can go for peachy or mauve colours. Dark skin tones look great with berry or wine shades. Different skin types have other attributes that determine the most natural lip tattoo colour.

A pale ivory skin tone characterizes Skin Type 1

If you have a pale or ivory skin tone, you probably have light-coloured eyes and blonde or ginger-red eyebrows. Your natural lip colour is likely a pale pink, almost translucent. Choosing a light-coloured lip tattoo for this skin tone is best to avoid a harsh or unnatural look. A light pink or nude shade will complement your skin and provide a natural flush of colour.

The ideal colours for you are ginger, nude, lollipop, cranberry, warm caramel, and brownie pink.

A pale, fair skin tone characterizes Skin Type 2

Individuals with a pale, fair skin tone typically have blue eyes and light or dark blonde hair. Their lips are usually a pale pink or nude colour. When selecting a lip tattoo colour, choosing a warm shade that is not too dark or intense is best. Light, warm colours with coral undertones, such as coral, light pink, or nude, will blend well with their skin tone and provide a natural flush of colour.

Your ideal colour palette includes shades such as brownie pink, lollipop, ginger, marshmallow, and nude.

A fair tan skin tone with yellow undertones characterizes Skin Type 3

If you have fair tan skin with yellow undertones, you likely have green, blue, or grey eyes and warm brown or dark blonde hair. Your lip colour is probably light pink or nude. When selecting a lip tattoo colour, choose warm tones that enhance your skin tone. Avoid colours with an orange element, as they can make you look sallow. Opt for peachy pink or coral shades for a natural flush of colour.

Your ideal colours are cranberry, brownie pink, and warm caramel.

An olive tan skin tone characterizes Skin Type 4

Olive tan skin typically accompanies brown or hazel eyes and dark brown hair. The greenish undertone of olive skin allows for flexibility in lip tattoo colour selection. Orange-based reds, mauves, plums, berries, natural pinks, and nudes are all flattering options. With a variety of shades to choose from, you can select a lip colour based on personal preference.

Recommended colours: Strawberry, Cranberry, Marshmallow.

A tan, dark brown skin tone characterizes Skin Type 5

Having a tan, dark brown skin tone usually means you have dark brown or black eyes and hair. You likely have a warm or yellow undertone, so avoid shades with a blue undertone and opt for orange-based reds, mauve, plum, and berry colours. Natural pink or nude lip colours also flatter you. Dark colours can also look great, so experiment with different shades.

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Your ideal colours are cranberry, marshmallow, and cherry blossom.

A deep brown skin tone characterizes Skin Type 6

Black eyes and hair usually accompany deep brown skin tones. Dark complexions often have dark lips as well. To add colour to dark lips, it's important to neutralize the darkness first. Avoid light or nude colours as they may appear ashy. Opt for shades like berry, plum, deep mauve, dark chocolate brown, or black. Chalky colours should be avoided as they may not complement your skin tone.

Your ideal colour palette includes coral, raspberry, and cranberry.